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Sleep Apnea Appliances & More in Anderson, IN

What is snoring?

Snoring is the sound of partially obstructed breathing during sleep. Snoring also is the primary indication of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a potentially life-threatening disease that causes you to stop breathing many times during sleep. The lack of oxygen results in repeatedly waking yourself up during the night. OSA leads to excessive daytime sleepiness and may put you at risk for high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke!

When should you feel concerned about snoring?

Snoring and excessive daytime sleepiness are serious problems. Maybe your spouse cannot sleep in the same room due to your loud and frequent snoring or you are getting sleepy behind the wheel due to lack of sleep. Your child maybe snoring at night and is sleepy at school which can affect his performance in the classroom.

Your Dentist can Help

  • An oral appliance may help. Dr. Laconi will fit you with a mouthguard-type of plastic device that is comfortable, improves your breathing, and reduces snoring during sleep. It is known to save marriages.
  • There currently is no cure for snoring or OSA that is 100;/. effective. Oral appliance therapy, CPAP or surgery will only alleviate your symptoms and help you sleep and feel better.
  • Oral appliances therapy can be effective for those with benign snoring, mild OSA, and moderate to severe OSA when CPAP fails.
  • The appliances are convenient, comfortable and significantly less expensive than more involved therapies.

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